Welcome to Naturally Fun! St. Lawrence County, NY, the largest county in New York State and 5th largest east of the Mississippi.  And despite our size, we are a warm, friendly quaint area to visit along the majestic St. Lawrence River, dividing the U.S. and Canada.

St. Lawrence County is a patchwork of snow-covered pines in the winter, flowering gardens in summer. Large family-operated sheep and dairy farms dot the landscape. The County ranks third in maple production in the state and is known for several exotic animal farms including bison and alpaca.

We are where culture meets the outdoors and where the Adirondacks meet the St. Lawrence River. With more than 200 ponds, rivers and lakes in St. Lawrence County alone, it’s the perfect place to find a mysterious swimming hole, or vast schools of muskellunge, bass, walleye, trout or carp.

And where else might you see a futuristic solar car rolling past an Amish horse and buggy on a quiet country road? The Amish community offers beautiful quilts and furniture, and tasty baked goods at roadsides stands. While five colleges and universities offer the diversity of a young promising generation looking to improve technology and the environment.

Spend some time exploring our website to get a taste of all that we have to offer, then come visit us in person, we’re sure you too will be saying Naturally Fun! St. Lawrence County, Another Reason I LOVE NY.