McConnell's Wind Mill - Morristown, NY

The windmill, know as McConnell’s Windmill, is one of seven structures in Morristown listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. It is the only such structure in the area on the American side of the St. Lawrence River. The park surrounding the windmill is a favorite location to watch the Fireworks during Morristown's 4th of July celebration.

During the war of 1812 the structure was used as a prison. The first local action of the War of 1812 occurred when the USS Julia, sailing west from Ogdensburg, met the HMS Moira off the Sister Islands opposite Morristown in the St. Lawrence River. A three-hour battle ensued with little damage and no loss of life.

Fully restored - the names of generous donors are listed on the planks of the blades.

Morristown is named after Gouverneur Morris, one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution and a large landowner in the area at that time. The town was originally called the Hague.

Morristown’s most famous industry was the manufacture of Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills, a cure-all in the 1800s. The Root Pills were produced in Morristown until operations ceased in 1960.  It was claimed that the pills, a special herbal combination, cleansed the blood of impurities that caused disease.