High Falls

This trek is not for the beginners. It is is 7-mile hike into the falls. High Falls is the most remote of the waterfalls in St. Lawrence County, and although its name would portray a spectacle, the falls are only 15 feet high. The name is dervied from teh fact that it is the largest drop on that branch of the Oswegatchie River, which is a calm, slow moving river.

The walk includes trekking through one of the oldest growth forests in the County. In 1995, a microburst blew down a large portion of the forest, which is still evident. There are two options for reaching the falls, one is the hike as mentioned, the other is by canoe. There are plenty of campsites in the area and a lean-to if you wish to camp.

Off State Highway 3, take Route 61 towards Wanakena. After a distance of 1.2 miles, bear right onto Main Street. Drivve .3 miles and bear right on to South Shore Road. The High Falls Trail head is about .4 miles. There is parkign further down the road. The Dead Creek Flow is .3 miles from there. Both trails are well marked and there is a large scale map at the start of Dead Creek Flow Trail.