Stone Valley

The trails in Stone Valley is one of the most popular nature walks in the North Country. Following the shores of the Raquette River through Colton, the scenery is amazing. There are a series of waterfalls that continue for a mile or more along the trail, which extends for two or more miles. During the spring, the power of the highwater from the snow melt in the Adirondacks is impressive. In winter months expect the beginning of the trail to slippery and use caution when walking along the river.

The River offers experienced kayakers a challnge and canoeists should not consider padding this section of the river. There are a series of signs along the path describing some of the geological features of the area. To the geologists this is a unique area, the connection of the Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. Watch for the signs posted on the trees to learn more.

Directions. From Route 68, turn left on to Route 56 in Colton. At the Hepburn Library, turn right. There ae two access points to the trails, one before the bridge near the Colton Historical Society, and one across the bridge near the Colton Fire Department.

If you are coming from Route 56 north, take a left at the Hepburn Library.

The map to the right is courtesy of the Laurentian Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club.