Employment Services

Part of the St. Lawrence County Chamber’s mission is to turn the brain drain into a brain gain. Most areas are experience the loss of young people to more urban areas, St. Lawrence County is no exception, however, it has created the Workforce Development Committee which works on issues such as the brain drain, how to attract and assist entrepreneurs, how to improve the workforce in the area for the future, and boost its high unemployment rate.

There are several sources for people to check for employment in the county, starting with the One-Stop Career Center. This is a consortium of eight partners working together to assist job seekers and employers. The One-Stop Career Center can assist with job searches, preparing resumes, job testing and coordinates with the NYS Department of Labor on job postings. The NYS Department of Labor has three offices in St. Lawrence County.

If you are thinking of relocating to St. Lawrence County, the County Chamber is happy to send a relocation packet. Click here to request information on St. Lawrence Employment Services.