Outdoor Activities

Everyoneenjoyswater      The Great Outdoors await visitors to St. Lawrence County. Fishing in the more than 200 lakes, ponds, and streams, including both the St. Lawrence and the Raquette rivers, is a year round affair for every age and skill level. Hiking throughout the region’s trails can lead you up mountain, along river, and into beautiful wilderness areas. With easy to access waterfalls, picturesque natural scenery is closer than you can even imagine. Throughout every season, the outdoor activities continue, with snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter, and biking, hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding the rest of the year.

Arts, Culture, Heritage

remington festival copy      Arts? Culture? Heritage? We have it all. Art museums and art galleries can be found all across the region. Craft shows and gift shops featuring local art and artists are very popular. There are Performing arts centers and music venues with events all throughout the year. For history buffs out there, we have museums and historic landmarks, unique to every community. There are even battle reenactments and other events dedicated to the history of the region. Please click here for more information.

Barn Quilt Trail   

          Barn quilt 187 x 140                 

Barn quilt trails have become signature projects in rural areas across the country as a way of paying homage to family and the community’s history, culture, and agricultural character. Through grass-root campaigns, several communities in St. Lawrence County have embraced the barn quilt movement, with over 100 barn quilts displayed throughout the county and the establishment of Barn Quilt Trails in the communities of Hammond and Colton.

For more information and driving maps of the barn quilt trails, please visit the Hammand Barn Quilt Trail and Colton Barn Quilt Trail websites.

Food and Beverage    

          RedandGoldPotatos_LauraPopielski_At the Market                  Whether it’s home grown, home cooked, or home brewed there is always something to satisfy your tastebuds. Farmers markets galore can be found in many of the communities, offering all sorts of fresh local products. The dining options are endless and something can always be found for the pickiest of eaters. The St. Lawrence Wine Trail extends across the region, allowing visitors to explore the area and a wide range of local beverages.
Family Fun     
canton parade   There is so much to do in St. Lawrence County that can be fun for the whole family. Looking for some outdoor activities? Try a hike to a waterfall, paddle down one of our many rivers, or go fishing. Looking for an educational and/or a historical activity? Go back in time at one of the many museums in the County. Looking for all around fun? Attend an annual festival, concert, or event by checking our calendar for when the next one is happening. St. Lawrence County will surely be fun for the whole family.